About us

Founded in 2010 by Jess Loren, SocialTechPop is an event marketing and media shop. SocialTechPop maintains a concentration on producing unforgettable, inspiring and informative content on its platform as well as experiential entertainment events.

Our focus includes providing unforgettable experiences and exclusives for our insiders, attendees, guests, sponsors, and host cities.

Brandless Group Team

Our Team

Jess Loren Profile PictureJess Loren: Founder and Editor

 Jess is a successful serial entrepreneur based out of the city of Chicago. Through hard work, dedication and an entrepreneur spirit, Jess has become a partner of Brandless Group, founder of DressCodeable, a “wikipedia” of what to wear website and SocialTechPop a media company. In her free time you can find Jess up at Lake Geneva boating with her family or spinning away at a Flywheel class



Ric Gruber Headshot Ric Gruber: Contributor

Ric is the president and creative director of Brandless Group, his focus is on the overall management of the company and project direction. In addition to his role at Brandless he is also an attorney who specializes in transactional IP, information technology, advertising law, as well as franchising and hospitality. When he’s not in the office look for Ric at Wrigley Field with a beer in hand and screaming “Go Cubbies”!




Michael HeadshotMichael Donnelly: Contributor

Michael is a partner at Brandless after her company, Red Suede Shoes, merged with Brandless in 2016. This partnership allowed Michael to help form a full service brand building, creative, and experiential agency where she runs events, social media, and operations. Her past experience includes co-founding and acting as the head of marketing for the BizDev Conference as well being a c0-host for the Entrepreneur Network’s Youtube show, Re_define Work.


Kevin Headshot

Kevin Roemer: Contributor

Kevin works as a partner for Brandless and specializes in the technology and creative side of Brandless. In addition to his work at Brandless, he is the Creative Director and CTO for Fund Conference, a Midwest deal conference that specializes in bridging the gap between early stage investors and growing companies. Kevin spends his free time long distance back packing and riding his bike.



Emily HeadshotEmily Iammarino: Contributor

Emily is the Associate Creative Director for Brandless Group. Emily has been successfully building her career since she graduated from Depaul in 2012. She started as a Junior Executive at The San Jose Group, moved up there to Art Director, and then joined the SocialTechPop team as the Marketing Manager.




veronica headshotVeronica Feldmeier: Contributor

Veronica is the Head of Communications for the Brandless Group. She works as a PR professional by day and as a contemporary yoga instructor by night. She really enjoys enjoy working with small businesses and startups, and loves writing – both creatively and technically. Her past experiences include working as an Account Executive for Fetch Public Relations and working in Marketing for the Distilled Company. When she’s not at Brandless, Veronica is teaching yoga classes at The Lab Yoga Studio in Chicago.


IMG_0501Brittney Effner: Contributor

Brittney is a junior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She is pursuing a degree in public relations with a minor in fashion media. She works as a writer for SocialTechPop, writer at Dresscodeable, and assistant to Jess Loren, a partner at Brandless. This internship has been a valuable first step towards a successful career in the fields of marketing, PR, and fashion. When she’s not at the office Brittney loves to cook, read, and binge watch shows on Netflix.


justin 2Justin Romano: Contributor

Justin  is the CEO of Backspace®, Head of Product Development at Brandless Group, sits on the Jr. Board of Directors for TrueMentors.com, is a member of [BlackInTech], and a mentor with Future Founders. Justin has has a thriving career since graduating from Valparaiso University in 2012. SocialTechPop is lucky to have him on our team and working as a contributor.


DenayjaDenayja Reese: Contributor

Currently Denayja is working on and producing events in Chicago and New York as well as traveling to work at music festivals and conferences this summer. She loves her job because she feels it utilizes her passion for hammering out every element of Event Production to create incredible experiences for wonderful people. SocialTechPop is excited for her upcoming posts on Techweek and all future posts she will contribute to this blog.