Ring the bell. Round 1 is about to start. In one corner, we have social media. The powerhouse with the ability to bring a simple message to the masses. So goodbye to protesting and social justice. If you have a problem, you tweet about it (standing up for your rights is so 2002 anyways). In the other corner you have every American families nemesis…obesity (booooo!). But in all seriousness, we have an obesity problem in America, and it is quite sad. Luckily, we also have social media…which is, conversely, quite exciting. In an effort to educate, inform, and eventually transform the wasteline waistline of America, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation has buckled down and selected Saatchi & Saatchi in New York to develop and put in place the social media aspects of the campaign, to be aimed at families, adults and children. Sounds like a delicious plan to me! The ultimate goal of the foundation is to establish an “energy balance” by finding a way for children, adults and families to maintain a balance between the energy they consume — that is, the calories in food — and the energy they expend through physical activity. I simply adore how in order to get the word out on obesity, we should be attached to our computers. But we must face it: this type of marketing is king in our current generation. Stay tuned for more info on the campaign.