Thursday, December 8th will be a magnificent day Chicagoans! Renown liquor brand Grey Goose presents the Rising Icons Tour featuring Miguel. For those who are not familiar with this up and coming rising star, Miguel has successfully hit 3 Top 10 Billboard records in the last 3 weeks. You may have heard his popular singles such as “All I Want Is You”,  “Sure Thing”, and “Quickie”. Not trying to toot his horn, but his single”Sure Thing” hit #1 on Billboard. Not only is Miguel SUPER talented, he’s also a hottie. Watch out Bieber, Chicago will be having Miguel fever this Thursday. Miguel will be live in concert at The Shrine on Thursday, December 8th alongside Jaguar Wright and Kentrell who are also talented artists on the rise. What better way than to start the holidays off right then to be at The Shrine for an intimate concert with LIVE performances, a  cool trendy setting, and beautiful people? Here’s the kicker, General Admission tickets are on sale now for only $15. So all those college students out there like myself who are afraid to make a ginormous dent in their pockets, I must say, this price for such an exclusive event is quite substantial. Doors open at 8pm! Ages 21 & up. Check out Miguel ft. J.Cole in his “All I Want Is You” music video! All I Want Is You – Miguel ft. J.Cole