I’ve pulled that prank on at least 3 people today. And let me tell you, it gets intense. But on a lighter note, have you ever released the Kraken? And I am not talking about some weird sex move, or the mythological beast. I am of course talking about the rum. Kraken Rum.

I personally am a rum guy (and a gin guy. and a vodka guy. and a whiskey guy. and a schnapps guy…you get the picture). But one dreary day a few years ago, I discovered the beauty that is the Kraken Rum. Oh Medieval Times, how I adore thee (Thanks Jeff. Theff).

Now, ignoring how delicious the rum is, and how strong it is, the people behind Kraken Rum have put major focus on branding themselves and exploring the deep reaches of social media. They take advantage of their own namesake, exploiting the feel of 17th century exploration society, making drinking an adventure. The Kraken is living proof that quality of product usurps a heavy marketing budget.

Concentrating on launching their brand through Facebook, their fan page features weekly contests, drink recipes, and unique stories. They have mixed this with  videos and physical collateral (ie. books), and by sending a squid hunter to local bars to promote the drink.

Much like King Triton, the Kraken has a three pronged attack! Most recently, they have expanded into the mobile market, releasing an app/game on the iPhone. And quiet honestly, it is the first of its kind.

It is really great to see a focused push to promote a product. Their use of video, social media, and guerrilla marketing is paying off. And, while they are still in their baby years, they are expanding quickly. I see their award winning bottles in more and more bars every day (not that I got to bars every day…), and adorning grocery store shelves around the country.

In the mean time, I challenge you to buy yourself a bottle of the Kraken Rum. But beware, there are a few rules that go along with attempting to tame the Kraken.

1). Never tame the Kraken alone.

2). If you open a bottle of the Kraken, it cannot be closed until it is empty.

3). Everyone around must have at least one sip.

4). Prepare for a night you will not remember.