Has dating become so impossible that single people around the world have resorted to using their mobile phones? GetJar, the world’s second largest app store announced recently that Flirtomatic has achieved nearly one million downloads to date and the growth has been equally impressive for it’s new Android app, which was launched in June of 2010. With more than three million registered profiles, Flirtomatic is an ideal community for adults to meet and flirt. After building up its community through Mobile Network Operators and online, Flirtomatic wanted to expand its reach on mobile and began working with GetJar in November 2009 to achieve that goal. “Flirtomatic has been able to target customers across many countries, devices and operating systems because of GetJar’s massive user base coupled with its comprehensive app distribution platform,” said Danielle Morgan, Marketing Manager at Flirtomatic. “By gaining maximum distribution with no barriers to entry, Flirtomatic is now optimizing its campaigns more effectively with GetJar’s Pay-Per-Download (PPD) solution. With a clearly defined cost per user acquisition, GetJar’s PPD solution made it easy for us to get a consistently positive return on our investment. Because paying per download also removed the cost concerns for Flirtomatic, GetJar’s analytics have been indispensable for Flirtomatic. The developer enjoys the huge advantage they get from the extra visibility and the ability to control their campaigns based on that data. Overall, cost per acquisition and sheer volume has been GetJar’s biggest advantage over Flirtomatic’s other distribution partners.” “Discovery and conversions are key problems facing developers as apps continue to flood the
space and we’re thrilled to see Flirtomatic’s conversion rates using our PPD solution,” stated Patrick Mork, CMO of GetJar. “We are equally thrilled that Flirtomatic’s recently submitted Android application is doing so well –  Android is one of our fastest growing platforms – almost a 100 percent growth in the US last month alone we’re committed to helping them distribute to the mass market, globally.”