Chicago has a lot to offer when it comes to music radio. A lot of it is horrible and repetitive, and forces people to switch to satellite radio daily. You’ve got radio stations like B96 and KISS FM with their poppy, electronic sex anthems, and then there are ones like The Mix, which has typically been known to target middle-aged women that can’t get enough of that Eric whatshisname (although recently, all I hear on The Mix while dial switching is the same stuff the pop stations play). But thankfully, there are some decent radio stations out there for those of us who can’t afford satellite radio and are resorted to listening to normal radio to get our current music scene fix. A few of my favorites, and I’m sure many others would agree, are Q101 and WXRT. Unfortunately, we here in Chicago recently found out that we get to hold onto America’s future in B96 and The Mix, and are forced to say a quick and sad goodbye to Chicago’s Alternative to bad music, Q101. We now get to turn our radios to 101.1 and hear