With two months having passed already for 2011, we here at SocialTechPop wanted to see what was going on in the startup community, or as we like to call them “PopUps”. Boy were we surprised at what we were able to find with PopUps who have already launched and started businesses in the very early months of 2011.  Some of our favorites included new products for sale, grievance for your lost pets or relatives, and so much more. Check out all these great new ideas below:

1. Momaboard launched on January 18th and with already over 1,000 facebook friends in tow, it is an online community for parents traveling with young children, founded and managed by a voyaging mom. They offer city guides, travel tips, product reviews, and exclusive discounts. They also offer an opportunity to share your experiences and learn from other globetrotting parents.
2. Launched just recently with already more than 300 users MyVoterNation is a social commentary network that allows users to vote on current issues in the news, debate, and match with people who feel the same way.

3. Typetrigger.com gives writers a prompt every six hours. They have up to 300 words to respond in any genre. Readers can follow writers they like, Twitter style. Since public launch in January, writers from around the world have joined, writing fiction, poetry and memoir. Goodbye writers block, hello workplace distraction.

4. Publishedin helps businesses and publishers connect and benefit each other. Their patent-pending technology makes it simple for businesses to increase quality traffic from online publishers, and publishers to earn cash rewards from their online content.

5. Life is Balance is a new line of inspirational t-shirts celebrating activities that balance our lives. Yin and yang, is an ancient Chinese symbol, representing two opposing yet complementary forces in nature. Their designs, based on this symbol, are each geared to a different sport or activity.

6. eBackers is a place for web professionals, online businesses, startups and people with ideas to connect. Whether you’re looking for seed funding, want to collaborate with other like-minded individuals, or just need a hand with your website, eBackers looks to be there to help.

7. SeatSimple is a powerful and customizable online reservation tool that empowers restaurants to take reservations online and deliver targeted promotions that drive higher spending and customer loyalty.  With no new hardware or software required to begin, SeatSimple takes minutes to get started, making online reservations a reality for any restaurant.

8. Bumble Post is a mash-up between a greeting card and a personal assistant start-up. It’s owned by millennials from Kansas City and Denver. Since the launch bumblepostbuzz.com has seen more than 80k visits and generated a customer referral base of more than 800 people.

9. Petrib.com is a pet memorial site, where you can share the memories of a deceased family pet with a free tribute page – upload photos, video, and more. Whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, horse, bird or even an exotic animal, you can keep your pets close to your heart with Petrib.

10. NephoScale is a cloud services provider focused on building cloud-enablement software. NephoScale develops on-demand software and systems for building an infinitely scalable unified resource pool in the cloud. Its offers Cloud Servers, On-Demand Servers, and Cloud Storage.

11. Ideal Network leverages group buying, crowd funding and cause marketing to create a new method of buying and giving in which everyone wins. Members receive discounts from merchants in the Seattle area, with a significant portion of the sale directly benefiting measurable, goal-oriented campaigns, led by local non-profits.

12. Appsplit is a company specializing in the business of apps. They provide a marketplace for buying and selling apps. Appsplit is also the first app management company, where they take the responsibility of managing and marketing apps on behalf of the owner for a percentage of the profit.

13. BloomWorlds, is developing Android’s family friendly app store, to help Android parents discover safe, secure, and appropriate apps. BloomWorlds will not have hundreds of thousands of apps, but they do intend to have hundreds of the highest quality, most innovative apps for the Android OS.

14. The Istanbul Review is a new literary magazine that creates a dynamic platform for dialogue between authors, new and established, and readers to talk about the craft of writing and literature in modern society. Contributors currently signed on include Paulo Coelho, Elif Shafak, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, and Banana Yoshimoto.

15. ShivaConnect is a free service that helps Jewish Mourners create a personal “Shiva Registry”, to provide funeral & shiva information to people far and near. Visitors can learn about sitting shiva, send food & gifts, make memorial donations, find helpful resources and create an emailed Yahrzeit Reminder.

16. LocalPinch.com is a local gift certificate and reviews marketplace. Local small businesses can create a gift certificate using their online tools and sell them through their website. Users set up a profile, interact with customers, and find new customers – and its free to sign up. Local Pinch is actively looking for local small business to list their business.

17. Vastrm Fashion offers luxury polo shirts that can be personalized via an online configuration engine that simplifies the design process. Their fabrics are available in multiple colors and include wicking, anti-fade, anti-shrinking, and anti-wrinkle treatments. A user can select from multiple trim types for placket, collar, cuff, pockets and fit.

18. After some intense analysis, U.S. Property Investments realized that Australian investors, due to the strong Australian economy, were in a great position financially to invest in U.S. property.  They have already sold 2 houses to Australians.  Most of their current interest is generated by posting content on relevant forums, SEO, and various social media outlets.

19. Golem Technologies is a website security scanner designed for small business and individual site owners. All users enjoy executive dashboard reporting of their vulnerability landscape as well as detailed how-to information to correct issues before a hacker can take advantage of them.

20. LaunchRock make it easy to create a viral “Launching Soon” page in minutes. They launched themselves using their own platform and now have a huge waiting list. If you want to Launch soon we suugest you do it with LaunchRock.

21. The scrapper’s mobile phone book, where you can find scrap yards on your phone. iScrap App is a new app to find the scrap yards near you, see their pricing, take and send pictures of your scrap materials for questions and pricing, and request containers for your job site all from inside the iScrap App.

22. Leading the trend of social-good startups, PSGive.org is changing the face of online cause marketing. Partnered with A-list charities including National Breast Cancer Coalition, and Keep America Beautiful, PSGive.org’s unique online events engage audiences far beyond traditional charity events and have already successfully raised awareness and revenue for their non-profit partners.

23. Brandmeetspeople is a marketing consultancy with one radical notion – advocate the people, not the brand.
 This complete departure from traditional marketing methods is designed to wean brands from endlessly dictating to their customers by teaching them how to genuinely connect with people across all communications channels and points of purchase.

24. CitySwarm organizes social experiences for active Chicagoans
 who want to explore the city, meet new people, and take advantage of group benefits like
 exclusive events and deals. Events include cultural outings, outdoor activities, live
 entertainment, and day excursions. Such events are targeted towards city dwellers ages 25-40.

25. Social Government aims to provide more transparency in news and government by making readers aware of the political biases of the articles they are reading. This allows users an easy way to read only news that matches their viewpoints.

26. Talkwheel is a real-time interactive discussion application and platform built around group conversation. Talkwheel visually maps out and filters real-time discussions to allow groups to interact and share information with each other at higher levels than anywhere else on the web.

27. Collaborize Classroom is a free online learning platform for teachers and students that complements in-class discussions.  Collaborize Classroom is an online community where students can continue, and expand on classroom discussions and also interact with online lesson plans, allowing for deeper participation inside and outside the classroom.

28. School squelches creativity when it is requisite for success. Self-directed learning forces students to be creative and innovative while designing their own education. UnCollege connects a network of independent learners to mentors to support learning from real-world experiences and self-designed projects. Ultimately passionate action trumps education.

29. GolfandRV.com is all about the evolution of RV Parks from campgrounds to resorts, featuring those providing both camping and golfing on-site.  Their directory and blog lists popular attractions, talks about the industry, and advocates the golf RV lifestyle.

30. Lets Gift It, is an easy, fun, and social way for friends, family, and co-workers to contribute, as a group, towards the purchase of a gift for someone special.   They have also created an alternative payment API for online merchants and service providers to enable gifting functionality.

31. Ever been out shopping or looking for something online and are stuck between two options? With Swayable they solve the dilemma of wanting fast feedback from your social network on “which one should I get”? We found that both web & iPhone versions are free.

32. Gruvi is a facebook app powered by a video recommendation and event booking engine that helps marketing teams target and acquire more meaningful fans for their brand fan pages, as well as provides a clearer set of metrics about the campaigns performance.

33. Win Win Restaurant Marketing is an online resource and mentoring program to assist restaurant owners with their marketing and business needs, helping them to increase profits, get customers, grow their businesses and get their life back.

34. PassTheNotes is an educational platform and virtual desk community. Their goal is in helping schools and students reach their full potential. PassTheNotes’ SAAS platform has plans to revolutionize education,allowing educators, students, and developers the ability to create, manage, distribute, and monitor interactive themes and content.

35. Sunverge Energy optimizes solar power, leveraging practical advantages of distributed generation and storage. A simple, intelligent and cost-effective energy management system captures solar energy and stores it, shifting electrical loads, flattening peak electricity demand and maximizing return on investments. With an innovative grid-tied model, Sunverge aligns goals of residential consumers, commercial/industrial customers and electricity utilities.

36. NotaryNow is an online notary service allowing a user to connect to a notary via webcam from their home or office computer to legally notarize a document in minutes. They leverage fraud prevention technologies and video record all signing to insure signatures are vaild.

37. A unique approach to online dating; Heartbroker incorporates feedback from your friends on Facebook to build your online profile. Its like Yelp reviews for dating profiles, but the ratings are confidential.

38. With Chalk Talk Glasses you don’t need wine charms anymore , guests simply write their name on their glass with chalk. STP thinks these glasses are a clever new product that will really get your guest talking!

39. SoupCan provides instant-disposable-chatrooms for whatever topic you choose. Rooms can be set up in any of three modes:  public, private, and conference.

40. How Dandy means superior sentiment analysis. They have tackled understanding textual content in context by applying their sophisticated language algorithms to the chatter occurring in the micro-blogging Twitter-verse. How Dandy provides companies the ability to sort thru the clutter and find how real people feel about products, movies, news topics, and more.

Well there you have it. Check back on the blog soon for updates on these companies and other lists we conjure up.